Dr. Crane,

That was one of the absolute best presentations I’ve ever heard. From all standpoints: graphics, organization, delivery, content, and rapport with the students. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to talk with these students. Simply outstanding!

Dr. Crane,

Thank you for a thought provoking presentation at Beth El.  I have heard Salman Rushdie and Gloria Steinem speak but I found your in depth, thoughtful, non-judgmental research to be tikkun olam.  I hope I have another opportunity to hear your research the next time you are in the PNWet [Pacific North We(s)t].

Rabbi Crane,

I just want to tell you how inspired I was by your talk in May. Since that day, I have changed my eating habits and lost 17 pounds, around 10% of my weight at that time. I have also increased my workouts, and am feeling and looking much better. Maybe part of my motivation was turning 60 this summer, and part from seeing myself in a mirror in a bathing suit, but your talk gave me much inspiration.

Thank you, and keep up the good work!

Dear Professor Crane,

I am a medical student and was in your session yesterday at Executive Park regarding ethics in psychiatry. I just wanted to let you know it was a fantastic session, and students continued to talk about how much we enjoyed it after it ended. The way that you framed issues, facilitated student participation and brought in relevant examples was truly appreciated.

Dear Professor Crane,

Thank you for coming all the way to Sandy Springs last Thursday night to present at TE Talks. Your remarks began, for most of us, the process of learning—and thinking seriously—about the concept of autonomous vehicles and their ramifications.

After you left, several people told me how much they appreciated hearing what you had to say; you offered us a proper introduction and way of looking at this whole new (for us) phenomenon. And I’ve since run into several more people who were there and who echoed those thoughts.

I hope you would consider teaching us again.

Good morning Dr. Crane,

Thank you so much for participating in the seminar series [psychiatry ethics]. Your lecture was engaging and informative – I enjoyed it immensely.

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